Partnership with Hele Mua

The Coconut Waikiki Hotel is excited to announce our partnership with Hele Mua, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring community service and volunteerism in Honolulu, Hawaii. As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, our staff will be participating in an educational beach cleanup event in honor of Earth Day. Hele Mua’s focus on raising awareness about microplastic pollution aligns perfectly with our values, and we are thrilled to support their mission.

When enjoying the beauty of Hawaii’s beaches, hiking trails, or camping spots, it’s crucial to remember the principle of “pack it in, pack it out.” Leaving trash behind not only harms the environment but also affects the experience of others and the wildlife that call these places home. By taking a few extra moments to properly dispose of your trash, you can help preserve the natural beauty of these areas for everyone to enjoy.

We also ask our guests to take a minute during their Oahu beach visit to pick up any plastic or litter they see. This small act can have a big impact, helping to keep our beaches clean and protect our marine life. We believe that by working together with organizations like Hele Mua, we can make a difference in preserving Hawaii’s beautiful natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

Our Staff beach cleanup event will not only be an opportunity to give back to the community and the environment but also a chance to learn about the importance of sustainability. Hele Mua will provide educational resources and insights into the issue of microplastic pollution, empowering participants to become advocates for change in their own communities. Allowing us to share our experiences and knowledge with all of our future guests.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Hele Mua and engage our guests in meaningful ways to support Hawaii’s sustainability movement. Together, we can make apositive impact and help protect the natural beauty of Oahu for generations to come.