New Year’s Resolutions the Waikiki Way

Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

Vacation is all about trying something new, from challenging your body to discovering a different culture. At Coconut Waikiki, we are surrounded by unique opportunities to exercise, eat healthy and find adventures – a perfect way to kick off 2023! Here are 10 ideas to inspire and help you stick to your new years’ resolutions in Waikiki! 

1. Hike Diamond Head
Make a reservation to trek the 0.8-mile trail to the summit of Leahi, an volcanic tuff crater, for panoramic views of Waikiki and Oahu’s South Shore. 

2. Eat Banana Ice Cream
Cool down with a healthy treat from Banán, a local plant-based ‘ice cream’ company serving up non-dairy soft serve and shave ice. 

3. Take a Surf Lesson
Book a session in the gentle waves of Waikiki, the birthplace of modern surfing, for a full body workout (and surely some wipeouts, too!). 

4. Fuel up on Fruit
Browse the KCC Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning for locally grown tropical produce and unique snacks such as dragon fruit, papaya, pineapple – and even, strawberry mochi! 

Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority / Heather Goodman

5. Find a Waterfall
Hike through rainforests and bamboo forests to discover waterfalls at Manoa Falls Trail and Judd Trail. Warning: you may get muddy!

6. Learn to Hula
Move your body and embrace the native culture at a free hula class every Sunday morning at Waikiki Beach Walk.

7. Grab a Heavenly Bite
“Eat local, be happy” at Heavenly Island Lifestyle, famous for its organic Loco Moco and breakfast sets packed with local veggies. 

8. Rent a Biki 
Ditch the taxi and use your smartphone to rent a bicycle from one of the 130 Biki stations around the island. 

Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority / Danny Sepkowski

9. Go Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Rent a board to test your balance on the warm waters of Waikiki. Keep an eye out for fish, turtles and monk seals!

10. Climb Koko Head Crater
Tackle the 1,048 railway stairs straight up to the top of Koko Crater for a stunning view of East Oahu.