Guest Blog: Meet Nick of Stargazers of Hawaii

Aloha e!

My name is Nick Bradley and I’m an astronomer! I started a small local business called Stargazers of Hawaii in 2019. We do public and private stargazing shows with large portable telescopes all over the island. Our speciality is giving our guests a unique experience under the stars that they’ll never forget! Take a guided tour of the stars and constellations with us, learn about Hawaiian celestial navigation, view out-of-this-world objects like the rings of Saturn and far away galaxies!

My journey in astronomy all started from curiosity. I had a book on constellations and would look up and try to find the constellations in the sky. With a small pair of binoculars, I’d see deep space objects that I couldn’t tell exactly what they were but I just had to find out. Since then it’s still a passion learning about the wonders of the universe and observing mind-blowing objects like the planets, star clusters, nebulae and even clusters of galaxies!

As for my background, I’m born and raised in Honolulu with an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Hawaii and I have over 20 years of experience in public astronomy. I’m part of the Hawaiian Astronomical Society which is a non-profit astronomy club that provides stargazing with telescopes to the Oahu public. I am also a volunteer NASA Ambassador since 2021. We help promote NASA discoveries and missions to the general public. Keep a close watch on the James Webb Space Telescope that recently launched. It’s going to open our eyes to the very early universe and directly see planets orbiting around other stars!

Best places on Oahu to Stargaze:

  • North Shore
  • Tantalus – Great place for a date night!
  • The trick to seeing the most stars is to pick a night with no moon and just get away from the bright Honolulu lights.
  • Pro tips: Safety first! Do not go to a dark location where you could get hurt. Check the weather forecast beforehand. Download a stargazing app. The Milky Way is best visible in the summertime. Bring binoculars. Stay warm.

Best upcoming astronomical events for 2022 visible in Hawaii:

  • August 11-12: Perseid meteor shower and a full Moon.
  • Fall: the planets Jupiter and Saturn are back in the early evening sky. Mars comes back in December.
  • November 7-8: Total lunar eclipse blood Moon! Be prepared to stay up very late!
  • December 13-14: Geminid meteor shower and another bright moon.

Some of my favorite spots on the island to eat, shop and do!


Places to eat:


Local places to shop:

Clear skies!


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